Improve Employee Retention, Resident Retention, Your Reputation and Results



Business success and employee retention begins with understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of your employees, and managing their experience. The program incorporates an Employee Perception Study to identify strengths and opportunities using a two-dimensional approach (importance vs. satisfaction), and a Company Program Study. This combination is designed to evaluate and provide recommendations to build or enhance an effective employee engagement, recruitment and retention program.

CSR Score

An affordably priced rating, ranking and guidance program based upon perception studies conducted with all stakeholders, as well as an easy study of company programs focused on all stakeholders.  Identify strengths and opportunities to improve employee engagement and retention, supplier loyalty, resident / client satisfaction and retention, reputation, the recruitment of new employees and residents, and bottom line performance.


CSR Cause Choice identifies causes that are most meaningful to employees and residents.  The service includes employee and resident studies regarding community service and charitable giving preferences.  In addition, it includes an evaluation of the company's community service and charitable giving program.  Fast, easy and affordable, the service can help to boost participation and company engagement.

Increase and Promote Your Caring Footprint!

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  • ManagInc’s Workplace Score and CSR Score can be promoted using:
    • Badges
    • Marketing templates provided by ManagInc
  • The marketing tools provided to help clients:
    • Promote awards
    • Build award awareness and appeal for prospective residents / clients and employees

Supplemental Services

  • Performance coaching, action planning and consulting support
  • Seminars, webinars
  • eBooks