Vision, Experience, Insights, Results

One can feel confident working with ManagInc due to our experience, thought-leadership, innovative approach, track record as multifamily operators and service providers, and insights on the behaviors that create win-wins and drive performance.   

  • Vision and leadership:  ManagInc was developed by Doug Miller. Previously, Doug founded and was president of SatisFacts Research.  Under his leadership, SatisFacts grew for sixteen consecutive years (including during the Great Recession) and became the multifamily industry's largest resident and employee satisfaction feedback system provider.  ManagInc was created with the same canvas and paints: passion for supporting and taking care of the team; offering a meaningful product that impacts lives; commitment to service excellence; delivering a strong ROI for clients.
  • Experience and innovation: The senior team and advisory board have decades of experience as both as multifamily operators and service providers, including a proven track record of delivering innovative value-added performance improvement services.
  • Industry thought-leadership: Recognized as an authority on resident and employee satisfaction / retention, education, reputation management, and social responsibility.