March 14, 2017


ManagInc Adds Shelters to Shutters to Planned Giving Program

ManagInc practices what it preaches when it comes to social responsibility and giving back for the greater good.  In fact, our organizational documents include that we are to donate a percent of profits each year to meaningful charities.  We are pleased to announce that we have added Shelters to Shutters (S2S) to be one of the recipients of our annual charitable giving program, joining Strong City Baltimore as an organization we have chosen to support. 

The fit between ManagInc and S2S was clear: two organizations dedicated to positively impacting society.  ManagInc’s goal is to help property management companies become more socially responsible; besides being the right thing to do, CSR is now a key business requirement and it creates a foundation for long-term business success.  S2S seeks to help transform homelessness to economic self-sufficiency by pairing property management companies with qualified individuals to create a win-win; individuals can gain full-time employment and housing, while management companies create a pipeline of highly motivated and qualified employees. 

Here’s a wonderful video that includes interviews with Chris Finlay (S2S Founder, Chairman) and Doug Bibby (President, National Multifamily Housing Council; note that NMHC announced its support for S2S in 2017):


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FEBRUARY 14, 2017

Jen Piccotti Joins ManagInc as Chief Operating Officer and Partner

Rejoins former SatisFacts partners Doug Miller (founder and CEO) and Joe Summers (Chief Revenue Officer, partner) at ManagInc, multifamily’s first Corporate Social Responsibility planning platform.

BALTIMORE – February 14, 2017 – ManagInc is pleased to announce that Jen Piccotti is joining the company.  Jen will serve as Chief Operating Officer and partner at the multifamily industry’s first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning platform and consulting service.  Jen rejoins her former SatisFacts partners Doug Miller (ManagInc founder and CEO) and Joe Summers (Chief Revenue Officer, partner).  In her new role, she will oversee the company’s Everyone Can Win® CSR planning platform, as well as client training and support programs, and industry education programs.  In addition, she will work closely with Joanna Naszlin, ManagInc’s Director of Marketing.

Prior to joining ManagInc, Jen was SatisFacts’ SVP of Education and Marketing for nearly a decade.  In that role, Jen led client support and brand management for SatisFacts and, and provided client resources through resident retention programs, customer service education, action planning, reputation management coaching, and content development.  Jen has established herself as a multifamily industry authority on resident and employee engagement and retention.  A noted author and highly followed blogger, she has spoken at such industry events as NAA, AIM, Multifamily Social Media Summit and Canada's Landlord WebCon. 

“I’m so excited to be working with Jen again after nearly a decade together at SatisFacts,” stated Doug Miller, founder and CEO of ManagInc.  Continuing, Miller shared, “Jen’s DNA and expertise are a perfect fit with ManagInc’s mission of helping companies become more socially conscious and responsible – empowering clients to increase their focus on those who make their success possible.  That includes improving the satisfaction, engagement and retention of their employees and residents, creating even more loyal service providers, as well as giving back to society in a meaningful way.”

“This is such an incredible opportunity to join Doug and Joe in being champions of change in our industry,” shared Jen Piccotti.  She continued, “Doug has always preached the power of putting people first, and I’ve seen his philosophy work first hand. I’m looking forward to working with our clients to educate and empower their employees, customers and vendors to set each other and their communities up for success.”

About ManagInc

Baltimore-based ManagInc, multifamily’s first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning and consulting platform, was created by industry innovator Doug Miller.  ManagInc’s Everyone Can Win® platform helps property management companies focus on their commitment to their three most important constituencies: their residents, their employees, and the communities they conduct business in.  The Everyone Can Win® platform helps clients evaluate, measure, manage and enhance its three pillared CSR program.  The focus on employee engagement and retention, resident satisfaction and retention, and giving back to society in a meaningful way creates a win-win for all involved – including a significant bottom line impact due to reduced employee and resident turnover.  In addition, the ability to leverage a Socially Responsible Management Company Award positively impacts both employee and resident recruitment due to the importance of CSR to Millennials and others. (business-to-business site), (consumer-facing site).  #csrmatters #csrtalk #everyonecanwin

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