Griffis Residential Earns ManagInc Everyone Can Win® Socially Responsible Company Platinum Award

The award reflects the company’s commitment to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


BALTIMORE – 11/7/2018 – ManagInc is pleased to announce that Griffis Residential has won a prestigious Everyone Can Win® Socially Responsible Company Platinum Award.  In addition, the company earned a 4-Star CSR Score. The score indicates the company’s ongoing commitment to its stakeholders: employees, suppliers, residents and the communities in which it conducts business.

The Award won, as well as the CSR Score, is based upon ManagInc’s CSR Platform service; the foundation of which is a detailed audit of client programs and policies focused on their key stakeholders.  The audit covers: Employees and Suppliers/The Workplace; Residents/The Living Experience; Society/The Greater Good.  The evaluation also includes perception studies conducted with employees, suppliers, and residents.  A company’s CSR Score is based on the company’s Platform score as well as the perception studies conducted with all stakeholders. 

Doug Miller, ManagInc CEO, shared, “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become critically important to businesses, leading Forbes to state it ‘has surged passed its tipping point…with the majority of stakeholders agreeing that CSR is a ‘must do’.  We applaud Griffis Residential for its desire to measure and enhance its commitment to being socially responsible.  Everyone Can Win®!”

“We’re seeing CSR as the evolution of reputation management, due to the importance Millennials and other generations are placing on socially responsible practices.  Their perceptions regarding a property management company’s CSR commitment are impacting job-seeking and rental decisions,” Jen Piccotti, ManagInc COO states.  Continuing Piccotti shares, “Having earned a Socially Responsible Company Platinum Award, Griffis Residential can proudly display their culture to current and future employees and residents.”

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ManagInc, multifamily’s first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning and consulting service, was created by industry innovator Doug Miller.  ManagInc focuses on improving reputation and performance based on the concept of the Triple Bottom Line, or that Everyone Can Win®; when you take care of those who make your success possible, they will take care of you.  ManagInc’s services identify opportunities to impact employee engagement and retention, supplier loyalty, resident satisfaction and retention, and the communities the company operates within – all of which clearly impact the company’s reputation and bottom line.  CSR Score is an entry level service, while CSR Platform is a fully-integrated evaluation and planning system.  ManagInc connects all the dots, as both services include national benchmarking, a CSR Report, review session, plus the ability to promote scores or awards to positively impact the recruitment of prospective employees and residents.  #CSRmatters #CSRtalk #EveryoneCanWin #MultifamilyCares