Everyone Can Win® Impact
and Industry Challenges


Everyone Can Win®, so mastering The Art of Managing for Success™ delivers a clear top and bottom line “win” for a multifamily portfolio by addressing employee and resident / client turnover, reputation, and perceptions as being socially responsible.  Acting on the issues impacting retention, reputation and being perceived as socially responsible significantly impacts NOI and asset values.

The following analysis of industry employee and resident turnover data, and costs, shows the impact of reduced turnover on NOI and asset values.  Industry figures were compared to those reported by ManagInc clients.  The analysis assumes a 5,000-unit portfolio.  In addition, it utilizes turnover data and costs reported by: NAA (employee and resident turnover rates); Multifamily Executive (resident turnover cost range of $1,500-$5,000 each); and, CFO.com (employee turnover cost).  As shown, ManagInc client lower turnover rates has a substantial impact on costs, and thus NOI and asset values:

  • NOI impact: Over $1.9 million/year
  • Asset value impact (6 cap): Over $32 million
Financial impact graphs.png


The multifamily industry faces a variety of challenges; these are diminished with a proactive focus on those things that drive business performance.  To learn more about challenges and opportunities, please contact us.